What Are Challenge Events?

What are “Challenge” events?

Premier events of varying formats to suit everyone’s needs for anglers just like YOU!

  • NO circuits to travel

  • NO points to track

  • MUCH fun to be had

  • Memories to be made and BIG prizes to WIN!


In today’s world of “Who wants to be a Pro Fisherman” that does not affect most of us as anglers one bit and with so many things at home pulling us in different directions, it is not only hard to fish an entire circuit it can be costly due to travel, prefish, housing,  and all that, especially if you want to keep up in the points race. For those who want that there are plenty of good options for them.

We all love the competition that competitive fishing presents us but more and more anglers just want to have fun, fish a few annual events they can plan, schedule, and manage with friends and family AND still have a chance to WIN BIG at a single event WHILE having FUN. That is what North American Bass Challenge events are all about a new model on the old adage of “I just want to go fishing!

These types of events CHALLENGE us! So we have paired up our expertise at running events together with a list of PREMIER events of different types and formats, some of them long-established and some brand new events for YOU to fish. BUT all of which payout in a BIG way and all of which there are NO points to track, NO circuit to travel.

Maybe it is a premier team tournament event like the longest-running bass tournament in the upper Midwest, the 32nd  annual Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament, with a top prize as a new Ranger Boat Powered by Mercury for fishing just one event.

We have that as a part of NABC!

Maybe it is an annual BIG FISH event, where the biggest bass weighed in during each 2-hour session throughout the day AND the biggest bass overall of the event wins BIG $$

So check out our schedule page find some events in your area that you want to schedule and try out and come fish with NABC and WIN BIG!


Check out our event schedule page HERE