Sault Ste Marie Big Fish event slated for Aug 20-21 had to be CANCELLED

It is with sadness that we were notified yesterday that the NABC Big Fish event slated for August 20-21 on the Saint Mary’s River had to be canceled. Neither NABC nor the site host of Sault Ste Marie, MI., who has been looking forward to showcasing the awesome bass fishing at the Soo for a while, is happy about it but it was no longer possible to hold the event as scheduled so we had no other choice to reschedule this year. Therefore, pursuant to Rule 3.3 of the NABC Big Fish rules since the event was canceled in advance, FULL refunds will go out ASAP today and all entrants will be called to inform them of the cancellation so that no one is missed.

We do want to say a big thank you to all those who registered for the event, and just know that we also wanted you to know as soon as we knew for 100% sure that there was going to be no way to proceed so you did not go and spend time practicing this weekend or next week for the event.  Both NABC and the local site host of Sault Ste Marie Michigan are just as disappointed as you and hopefully, we will get to bring a big fish event to upper Michigan area in the future.

Thank you for choosing NABC.